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Water Network

Water Leak Detection

Flow Measurment

Continuous flow monitoring in DMAs provides detection of rising leakage levels, and suggests the opportune time to launch leak detection activities.

Flow measurement is used to measure water supply to each DMA and determine customer water consumption, then it is used for water loss in the Water Distribution Network.

Insertion Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Temporary or permanently installed Insertion type electromagnetic flow meters are used for continuous monitoring of DMA or DMZ.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Ultrasonic flow meters are used for temporary flow measuring studies, these types of flow meters doesn’t cause any disruption of flow or shutting down the service.

Isolate pipe section.
Water supply from one point.
Install flow meter (pitomete, ultrasonic, magnetic or electro-mechanical).
Read global night consumption.
Close valves and read sub-sectional consumption's.
Identify suspect pipes for leak testing.

Flow Measurment