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Water Leak Detection

INLINE Leak Detection

Inline leak survey is used for large-diameter transmission mains, which are often poor at transmitting leak sounds and have limited access points to the pipe. Inline leak detection systems allow water utilities to proactively locate large diameter pipeline leaks that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, thereby minimising costs associated with potential ruptures and water loss.

Inline leak detection services have been proven to reliably identify very small leaks on water transmission mains with pinpoint precision, without requiring the water main to be taken out of service. This is particularly beneficial in assessing pipelines that run under rivers, major highways, or other inaccessible locations.

Works well on large-diameter pipelines such as trunk mains (Water, Oil, Gas).
Find very small leaks.
Pipelines with limited access.
Inspection without shutdown (in-service water mains).
Pinpoint accuracy
Pipelines under rivers, major highways, etc.

INLINE Leak Detection

INLINE Leak Detection