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No-Dig Pipe Rehabilitation

Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation

This type is composed of Polyethylene (HDPE) Substance;that is premanufactured according to the diameter of the pipe to be lined,and it is thermally processed

The Liner Profile is delivered to the site,where it is inserted inside the pipe from the manhole opening with the length of the section between the two manholes.then compressed air is blown inside the lining material at high temperatures reach about(113 C).This will force the lining material to change from the C-shape to the round shape,i.e the shape of the pipe to be lined.So the Outer surface of the lining material is fixed to the internal surface of the host pipe completely.With this we have a new pipe that can bear all internal and external pressures.

Liner can be used for pipe working under gravity as well as pressurized can bear internal pressure reaching up to (15 bars).it can be executed for pipes diameters from (150mm) up to approximately (500mm)

Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation

Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation