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Sewer Network

CCTV Inspection & Assessment

CCTV Camera inspection is a very important and high- tech procedure; a very sophisticated instrument is used to put together a comprehensive report about the status of the network. CCTV survey is being done by using a high-resolution, pan and tilt, colour camera with zoom capabilities, equipped with state of the art apparatus, and can be used for long distance of pipelines.

The CCTV activity permits to identify all visual defects, inside the designated pipe (inltration or blockage or cracks or offset or collapsing or rehabilitation process etc).

In order to prevent sewers from collapse, obstruction, wastewater over flow, water inltration or ex-ltration, (this will cause dramatic environmental pollution), and the condition of the sewer must be inspected before seri- ous damage occurs to identify the problem and provide the proper solution to rehabilitate the pipe.

During CCTV inspection all endings are recorded by CD or DVD and on site notes are recorded using computer software especially designed for sewer inspection. Also we can take instant photos to any visual major defect in the pipe. The all report shall be prepared based on ATV and WRc Standard.

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