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Water Network

Smart System Watch Water leak Management

Water Network Monitoring

"Apparent Losses" and "Real Losses"are the two distinct type of water losses in a distribution network.therefore, utilities require information to control such losses.
The traditional water audit collects the data manually during a single historic time and it is not enough to monitor the water network continuously. in order to control and manage the network it is necessary to access the real-time network information.
This demand has lead international Aramoon Co.Ltd(IAC)in the innovation of continues web-based water network monitoring software "WATCH LEAK Water Management System" through remote reading and data transfer to the control room integrated with GIS system.
WATCH LEAK Water Management System provides Managers and Utility operators to monitor all DMA in the city were we implement our system with all real-time remote data reading through web-based GIS integrated application from any computer with internet access using tables,graphs and maps, our web-based system makes complex data visually compelling and easy to use and understand.
The benefits of this Web-based Water Loss Management.

Software are Listed here under 

  • Complete meter and utility data management.
  • Integrates with existing GIS systems.
  • Comprehensive data reporting with easy to read, customisable, graphs, and charts.
  • Data centre hosting option eliminates utilities IT burdens and hardware investments.
  • Secure,web-based administration for remote system access.
  • Lower Start up costs,faster deployment times.
  • Get up and running quickly ,and evaluate your utility's needs before making hardware investments for local hosting.
  • PDF Printing option for the reports.

Use Continuous Network Monitoring (Pressure And Flow)System For Distribution Network And Main Line (Web-Based GIS Integrated) Including Automatic % Of Loss Calculation.
Access Updated GIS Information For Network Management.
Generate Automatic Reporting At The Different Stages Of The Project And Submit It To CLIENT Upon Requirement That Contain Data Analysis,Various Interactive Graphs,Consumption Data ,Water Balance ,Loss Calculation Etc.
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