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Water Leak Detection

In many water distribution system a significant percentage of water is lost due to leakage from distribution pipes.To reduce water loss IAC conduct leak detection programs to locate and repair leaks.

 IAC accuracy in licating the leakages in Fluid (Gas/Liquid) concealed pipes is big challenge,this means that,IAC can save your money, time and minimise the excavation requirements by saving Millions of cubic meters of water per year

IAC uses the following application in pin-pointing the leak:

1 - Simple ground listening devices,using a sigle ground sensor,
2 - Cross-correlation technique,using two sensors, one on each extremity of the pipe section under test,
3 - Vibration intensity technique,using an intensity probe,made of two ground sensors attached together, to scan the ground,
4 - The coherent power technique,using one sensor on the pipe or valve and one ground sensor for scanning add listening,
5 - Data loggers and/or noise loggers.

IAC monitor usage of water in a distribution system,thus it can identify and notify the client to avoid wasteful(careless usage) of water Consumption.

The leak detection survey conducted by IAC,reduces water loss,public liability ,road damages, eliminates unnecessary water demand, identified system efficiency and provides new water source by minimising the water loss in the network. therefore, a leak detection survey generates revenue

Beside the environmental and economic losses caused by leak age, leaky pipes create a public health risk as every leak is a potential entry point for contaminates if a pressure drop occurs in the system.

IAC detects the water leaks efficiently, this will reduce and control water loss in the water distribution network.

IAC is highly experienced in locating hidden leaks and reducing the water loss in the network.We use very sophisticated and latest technology to pinpoint the LEAKS with well experience engineers and technicians.

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